My European Adventures


is a combination of a travel guide, a travel essay, and a photo-book or coffee table book. It is chocked full of information on things to see and do.

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My European Adventures isn’t just a travel guide. To some extent it’s a photo/coffee table book with 286 color photos and it’s also a bit of a travel narrative/memoir. Nicks takes you across Europe, from London to Istanbul, through thirty cities in nineteen countries and shows and tells about many fun and memorable things to see and do. Along the way, he tells you the little adventures and sometimes, misadventures, he experienced.

You’ll learn to use your smart device, Nicks likes his ten inch Android tablet, to travel independently and confidently throughout Europe, making your own plans, setting your own agenda, and staying for as long as you want. By using the incredible and extensive train system to get around and by staying in wonderful, inexpensive (but not cheap) hostels, you can have the European experience of a lifetime.

Instead of paying a small fortune to be herded around in a tour bus for a few days and having a frenzied tourist trip you’ll barely remember, learn more about the culture, the food, and the languages of Europe in the very best way: living there for months at a time.

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