Great guide book along with personal stories during the author’s journey through European countries. The stories definitely make the reader feel like they are there experiencing it too. The book is an easy read and filled with lots of pictures. If you’re planning a trip overseas this is the guidebook to have and avoid the tourist traps. Don’t just see it, experience it.

Richard S

Outstanding book! I thought it was going to be another step by step travel guide. But it’s really more like an immersive experience! The author did a great job with his entertaining conversational style. You’ll want to keep reading as it feels like YOU are experiencing everything! I kept asking myself “What’s this guy gonna discover next?” … I love this book!

Chester R. DDS

I spent three years living in Mannheim, Germany from August 1985 – February 1988 and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to visit so many different places while I was there. I have always said that I want to go back there someday and reading your book, takes me there. It was so neat reading about and seeing pictures of places I have never seen, and especially places I have. Your book has awakened my desire to go back to Europe again someday!

Julie S

I could write a chapter on why I am enjoying this book, from text to pictures.

1. Nick has been very open and honest about his adventures, even before traveling to Europe.

2. Nick has pointers of “what to do” and in a few instances “what not to do”

3. Most of all, when I read his book, it’s as if I am sitting having a conversation with Nick about his travels. (Not just reading a book about cities & countries.)

Sheila M